Upward Facing Career Podcast with Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. (podcasts)
How do I go beyond being a yoga teacher, and step into my role as a spiritual leader? What is the best way to create true wealth and abundance in my spiritual career? How can I incorporate all the mystical practices I love into a successful business serving others? These are a few of the many questions that renowned writer, author, educator, and teacher, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. walks you through in the Upward Facing Career Podcast. Known as "The Yoga Doctor," Alanna teaches you mini mystical masterclasses, educates you on essential yoga psychology wisdom, and provides step-by-step spiritual business guidance that is designed to help you take action in creating a thriving career serving others. Alanna's gift is the experience of having done all these things, and she is ready to keep it real and honestly share advice and knowledge that takes you to the next level. Ready to move your yoga offerings online? Thinking about how to grow your tribe? Want to incorporate cool stuff like astrology? Interested in how to step fully into your role as a modern spiritual leader and make more impact in the world? Alanna is here to help. Discover why thousands of yogis turn to Alanna to become extraordinary teachers, and implement practices that generate abundant results.
Yoga Jam with the JivaDiva *Live* Meditation with Dharma Talk, Who Am I? Yoga Live Dharma talk recorded at Yoga Oasis, Hawaii.  Join Alanna, the JivaDiva for an inspirational meditation and dharma talk in discovering your true nature.  For information, www.jivadiva.com
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam *Chakra Meditation* - easy 8 minute guided meditation, relaxation with Alanna, the JivaDiva (audio only) This easy 8 minute meditation guides you on a visualization through the system of the chakras. Feel balanced, energized and relaxed and take some well-deserved time to yourself. This meditation is great for anybody, even those who are new to meditation or yoga. Don't forget to vote for the JivaDiva Yoga Jam in the health and fitness section on podcastawards.com from July 1-15th! Enjoy the journey, Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam 5 min. Lecture - Brahmacharya This quick 5 minute yoga lecture will help to clear up any misconceptions you may have had on the tricky subject of Brahmacharya - sexual continence. Indeed, this yoga practice has to do with our relationship to sex, but not like you may think. Let Alanna, The JivaDiva, guide you in the right direction and illuminate the yoga behind this practice found within the ashtanga yoga system of patanjali. Alanna is a certified Jivamukti Instructor with a passion for making yoga accessible for all levels of practitioners. Enjoy, Namaste!
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JivaJam Yoga *Twisting* 20 Min. Yoga Session This series of twisting asanas is not only a challenging workout for the body, but also a cleansing sequence for the mind and ego. Led by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Alanna, this yoga class will leave you feeling detoxed, refreshed and relaxed. Take 20 minutes out of your day to rejuvenate and uplift your mind and body by engaging in this challenging yoga practice. For more information, please visit www.jivadiva.com. Please make sure you are happy and healthy before engaging in any exercise regimen. Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam Promo This quick 30 second promotion gives listeners an idea of how they can benefit by subscribing to the JivaDiva Yoga Jam podcast. Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam Yoga Lecture - Koshas This 5 minute lecture gives an overview of the koshas - or layers of the body. Learn what they are and how to work with them to create a healthier, happier you! Namaste. My Odeo Channel (odeo/08f23334c8b375c2)
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam 20 Min. Yoga Rush #7 Jivamukti Instructor, Alanna, is back again with this 20 minute rush series featuring balance poses, standing poses, and shavasana. Alanna's voice and music lead you through this dynamic practice with a constant reminder of uplifted intention. Please make sure you are happy and healthy before embarking on this practice. For more information, visit www.jivadiva.com. Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga 5 min. Lecture Series - Guru This short, 5 minute lecture explains all about the term guru, and why it is important in all of our live. Learn about how you can see the guru inside everyone around you and learn all the lessons presented by you by your many teachers. Music featured in this podcast is performed by Alanna - the JivaDiva. To find out more, please visit www.jivadiva.com. Namaste!
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam 20 Min. Yoga Rush Series

This 20 minute Jivamukti class led by Alanna, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Instructor will lead you through a series of standing poses, forward bends and twists. Class includes music performed by Alanna, a constant reminder of the high intention of your practice as well as a shavasana. Please make sure you are happy and healthy before enjoying this practice. For more information on Alanna, please visit www.jivadiva.com. Namaste!

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JivaDiva Yoga Jam 30 Min. Yoga Rush Series This 30 minute class is led by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Alanna. During the class you'll experience several different forms of sun salutations, standing poses, headstand, and backbends. Alanna also reminds to to offer your practice to something that is really important to you. Please make sure you are happy and healthy before embarking on this 30 minute yoga journey! Namaste.
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JivaJam 20 Minute *Beginner* Yoga Series Led by Alanna, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, this 20 minute yoga class is perfect for beginners! Her concise and clear wording gives this 20 minute series depth while still being accessible to even the newest student. Class includes standing poses, mild backbends, balancing poses and shavasana. Please make sure you're happy and healthy before pursuing this practice. Namaste!
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JivaJam 5 Minute Yoga Lecture Series: Kleshas This 5 minute lecture covers the five kleshas, or hindrances to yoga. Find out how you can continue to advance your yoga practice with this sound, ancient advice clearly laid out by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Instructor, Alanna. Namaste!
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JivaJam 5 Minute Yoga Lecture Series: Chakras This 5 minute lecture explores the 7 chakras. You will learn what activates and balances the chakras as well as where they're located and their seed mantras. Enjoy this uplifting spiritual talk by advanced certified Jivamukti yoga instructor, Alanna. Namaste!
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JivaJam 5 Minute Yoga Lecture Series The JivaJam 5 minute lecture series explores important topics in yoga. The first in this series explores karma. For those interested in yoga philosophy, this will clear up some basic questions to this popular notion. Please visit www.jivadiva.com for more details.
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JivaDiva Yoga Jam 20 min. Yoga Rush Series

The 20 minute JivaDiva yoga rush series is led by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Alanna. This session includes standing poses, balancing poses, headstand, a warm dedication and shavasana. Please make sure you are happy and healthy before embarking on this class, and some previous yoga experience is a good idea. Thanks for taking the time to practice. Namaste!

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JivaDiva Yoga Jam 20 Min. Yoga Rush Series 20 minute yoga session led by Certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor, Alanna. This series will challenge your mind and body and is a perfect compliment to your busy day. Complete with sun salutations, splits pose, hip openers and backbends - this session will fully stretch your legs, hips and strengthen your thighs and back. Enjoy the beauty of your practice in this session with Alanna's uplifting and vigorous style. Please make sure your are fit and healthy and have some yoga experience before engaging in this practice. Namaste!
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JivaDiva Jam : JivaJam_20_min._rush_7_21.mp3 20 minute Yoga Rush led by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Alanna. An intermediate class including sun salutations, standing poses, head stand and an uplifting intention. Please make sure that you are fit, healthy and free from injury before doing this practice. Some prior yoga experience would be good, too. Thanks for listening! Enjoy your practice, Namaste.
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